Based on true stories of an ill-fated summit attempt known as the 1996 Mt. Everest disaster, this cutting-edge work creates a new genre of opera by fusing the dynamic aesthetics of the graphic novel with the power of the operatic voice. This innovative approach integrates live singers into the animated space, reinventing the operatic experience beyond the stage.

Media designer David Murakami and myself began with the work of illustrator Mark Simmons (with characters modeled after the actual performers) and animated it in a variety ways, including face tracking for close ups. Below are some of my favorite moments, which I either animated myself (like the microscope, my favorite panel from the whole piece) or spent a lot of time preparing for animation.

You can also rent Everest from the Dallas Opera today! 

Directed by Brian Staufenbiel
Original Artwork by Mark Simmons
Media Design by David Murakami and myself
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