Vengeful, implacable, pathological—the character of Elektra has gripped writers for nearly 2,500 years. This mesmerizing protagonist, with her notorious lust for revenge and morbid father fixation, has appeared in places as diverse as Greek tragedy, Expressionist opera, contemporary theater and film, Marvel comics and Jungian psychology. Richard Strauss’ Elektra is an intense masterpiece of early 20th-century opera that sets the title character on an inexorable path leading to a final cataclysm of violence, accompanied by a revolutionary score that is, in the words of one critic, “the color of blood.”

Most of what I did for Minnesota Opera's Elektra was compositing our performers into the original film. Below the trailer you'll find a bunch of my favorite moments from that compositing work!

Directed by Brian Staufenbiel
Light Design by Nicole Pierce
Costumes by Matthew LeFebvre
Media design by David Murakami and myself​​​​​​​
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